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Join us for a unique 2-day conference focused entirely on middle school math topics. Unlike conferences with thousands of attendees and hundreds of sessions, MidSchoolMath brings together 800 middle school educators in the inspiring setting of Santa Fe to learn, discover, explore and co-create. The 2019 Conference: Total Math Immersion is dedicated to exploring math instruction that encourages deep mathematical thinking and conceptual understanding. Meet, learn from and and work with teachers, principals, instructional coaches, curriculum directors, and administrators, to discover new lessons, protocols, ideas and research to transform math education.

You'll leave inspired and ready to go from talking about change to immersing your classroom in the new paradigms of math education.

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Middle school's greatest problem isn't that students perform poorly in math. In fact, US 4th grade students perform statistically equivalent to top ranked Finland. The greatest problem is that the decline from 4th grade to 10th grade on International tests is the largest in the world. The issue is not limited to one region or state. Nearly every US school district shows a decline in student performance during the middle grade years. The issue is compounded with poorly constructed textbook curriculum and instruction being pushed online. The "mile wide and an inch deep" approach has thwarted efforts to increase student proficiency for nearly two decades. It is time for change.

About MidSchoolMath

MidSchoolMath was founded as a direct result of extensive research into the US math crisis and the complexity of the problem. It is the first company to answer the quintessential question posed by every middle school math student: "When am I going to ever use this?"

MidSchoolMath provides comprehensive mathematics curriculum for grades 5 through 8. Going beyond an online textbook, MidSchoolMath uses dynamic, integrated technology, transforming the math classroom with teaching principles that have the highest effect size for increasing math test scores.

Independent from our curriculum products, MidSchoolMath provides professional development programs and services, presenting specialized trainings, custom retreats and the MidSchoolMath National Conference. By organizing, hosting and serving as the primary underwriter of this unique learning experience, we intend to serve as a catalytic agent of change to support student success in math classrooms across the country. Learn more here.

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